Euro Labour Infusion Ltd.


We Find the Foreign Workers That Your Company Needs

Many Canadian employers still experience difficulty finding workers with the necessary skills required.

While some sectors of the Canadian economy face special challenges due to the fall in the price of oil, many companies still face the challenge of finding a fully qualified workforce. In many cases, there exists a gap between the skills available in the labour market and the skills needed for many companies to best move forward. Canadian companies are also facing demographics issues, with large numbers of skilled workers retiring and leaving the workforce.

There is help available.

With Canada’s annual immigration targets at around 300,000 new immigrants, there is the potential to increase and improve your work force by bringing in workers temporarily and support them to apply to become permanent residents while here. Alternatively, companies can support skilled workers to become new permanent residents the first day they enter Canada. Both are available options.

ELI can find you the right workers but also use our years of experience to help your company navigate the bureaucratic complexities of bringing workers into Canada. We have the expertise necessary to handle every step of the recruitment process.

We search the European labour market for workers with the skill sets best able to benefit our Canadian clients. We also receive countless enquiries from skilled Europeans looking for jobs and immigration opportunities in Canada. Most of these young Europeans, speak fluent English, even if English is not their first language.