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How long does it take to be approved as a temporary foreign worker?

Once a Canadian company has offered you employment, acquiring a visa and work permit can take anywhere from a few weeks to eight months.

What will I have to do to obtain a Canadian visa and work permit?

If you are from a country whose nationals require a visa to enter Canada, you will apply for this visa to a local Canadian Embassy or VAC (Visa Application Centre)
Nationals of some countries (ie. the UK, Ireland, Poland and Italy) do not require visas to enter Canada and can apply for a work permit upon arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry (i.e an international airport) provided they have the necessary supporting documentation.

How long will I be in Canada?

Temporary Foreign Workers can be issued work permits of different durations. For most skilled workers the duration of your work period will be for two years. During this time, employers can offer permanent employment to their temporary foreign workers which can be of great assistance should you choose to apply to remain in Canada a permanent resident.

Can I bring my family?

If you are performing a skilled occupation, you will be able to bring your dependent family (spouse and born or adopted children). Furthermore, those family members that you bring will be allowed, in most cases, to study and work in Canada.