Euro Labour Infusion Ltd.

The Recruiting Process

The Process of Recruiting Foreign Workers and Bringing Them to Canada

When your company decides that skilled foreign workers may be part of the solution to your skill and labour shortages, we can help navigate through both the recruitment and later the immigration phases of the process.

The first recruitment step for ELI is to properly understand the necessary qualifications and work experience of the individuals your company would consider hiring. We would require a description of the kind of workers we would be looking to recruit including particular qualifications for the job as well as the job descriptions.

At the same time we learn about your companies specific labour demands, we need to learn as much as possible about the company itself. The competition for skilled workers is worldwide. It is necessary that we do everything possible to assist in selling your company, its treatment of its labour force, and Canada to skilled individuals who, in many cases, have the ability to work in many different countries.

We will advertise your positions, search through our database of skilled workers, and work closely with our contacts in Europe, to find the people that best match your labour needs.

Once your company has chosen which candidates to hire, we can also assist with the immigration process for your new employee to enter Canada either temporarily, or permanently.

ELI can help with travel and on boarding arrangements and ensure that your new employee’s arrival goes as smoothly as possible.

Once in Canada, we remain in contact with you and your foreign worker to address any problems or concerns.

We will work with you to ensure workers arrive in a timely and hassle free fashion.