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Mobility Francophone

Mobility Francophone

It is a policy of the Canadian government to encourage the immigration of more French speakers to English speaking provinces in Canada ( to all provinces with the exception of Quebec)

Mobilite Francophone is a Labour Market Impact (LMIA) exempt program to make it easier for skilled Francophones to work in English speaking provinces. By virtue of being an LMIA exempt program, Canadian employers  are not required to prepare an application to the government showing, among many other things, proof of job advertising in Canada and proof of recruitment results.

To qualify for this program, candidates must show the following: 1) their habitual language of daily use is French; 2) they have been offered a job by a Canadian employer (outside of Quebec) that is classified under Canada’s National Occupation classification in a NOC 0, A or B occupation.

Through working with our partners in Europe and  Africa, ELI is able to identify and source skilled Francophone workers who are looking forward to a future living and working in Canada.


The Mobilite Francophone  immigration program is a tremendous opportunity for skilled Francophones who are open to working outside of Quebec to live and work in Canada. Provided you can show  that French is your habitual language of daily use and provided you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can be issued a work permit valid for up to three years. We have prepared a Fact Sheet setting out information that we believe every worker interested in working and possibly immigrating to Canada should know about Mobilite Francophone.


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